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Today the Supreme Court confirmed that state alcohol laws that discriminate against out-of-state retailers for the purposes of protecting in-state interests are unconstitutional and not protected by the Twenty-First Amendment. The decision is a historic win for both free trade and wine consumers across the country.

Most important is the Court's decision that the non-discrimination principles laid out in the Supreme Court's 2005 Granholm v. Heald decision overturning bans on winery shipping also apply to retailers. - 2019/6/19: Drone-Mounted Thermal Cameras Used to Monitor Wine Cellars

With numerous factors compromising the optimal conditions for wine ageing (e.g., moisture in the walls, insulation faults, and heat leakage through the joineries) use of IRT provided a reliable qualitative assessment method for thermal inspection of the wine cellar. The information revealed by thermography facilitated the implementation of corrective measures to ensure optimal environmental conditions for the wine-ageing process.

Shaken News Daily - 2019/5/10: No Longer A Fad, Rosé Wines Are Now In Sustained Growth Mode

Okanagan research says wine labels may be influencing your tastes

Wine Business 2019/5/10: Leading Port Producers Declare 2017 a Vintage Year

The three leading port producers of the Douro Valley this spring have declared 2017 a vintage year - as they did in 2016. The back-to-back vintage declaration is the first in Symington Family Estates' 130-year history, a Symington family member said Thursday in San Francisco before a tasting of 16 port wines from Symington Family Estates, The Fladgate Partnership and Quinta Do Noval.

Wine Industry Advisor 2019/4/10: 2018 California Crush Report by the Numbers

The 2018 California crush report was released today, and as expected the report reveals a bountiful 2018 winegrape harvest up 6.6% in volume from 4,016 thousand tons in 2017 to 4,282 in 2018. The majority of the growth came from red varieties which increased 8.8% to 2,448 thousand tons, while white varieties increased 3.9% to 1,834 thousand tons in 2018.

Is Gallo saving the wine industry? Gallo buys 30 brands from Constellations.

Wine Industry Advisor - 2019/4/8: Is Gallo Saving the Wine Industry?

Last week, E.  J. Gallo and Constellation Brands closed the deal for Gallo to purchase 30 of Constellation's lower-end wine brands for $1.7 Billion.

PR Newswire - 2019/4/3: E & J. Gallo Winery Announces Deal With Constellation Brands

Purchase Includes Portfolio of 30+ Brands and Six Wineries Located in California, Washington and New York

Press Democrat - 2019/4/3: Berger on wine: Riesling endures despite misperceptions

Despite the fact that riesling is widely considered one of the world's greatest white grapes and makes some of its most astoundingly dramatic wines, it is still disparaged by many who don't understand it. Many still say it is slightly to very sweet. The IRF would work to counter the misimpressions.


While English sparkling wine has faced criticism in the past for high and unbalanced levels of acidity, there is a growing consensus that the industry has matured, having amassed the necessary levels of experience and knowledge to create balanced wines that pay homage to the country's leaner style of wine. - 2019/3/28: For Cancer Risk, a Bottle of Wine Equals This Many Cigarettes

David Nutt is trying to invent a healthy alternative alcohol.

The Guardian - 2019/3/26: Could 'alcosynth' provide all the joy of booze - without the dangers?

Scientist David Nutt memorably said alcohol is more dangerous than crack. Now, he is trying to invent a healthy synthetic alternative, and the race is on to get it to market.


Fierce Health Care - 2019/3/26: Colorado emergency departments offer other states a glimpse into cannabis' impact


Brokers, merchants and, above all, retailers (typically reliant on stock liquidity) simply do not know – and thus cannot afford to take risks with – the extent of likely disruption to supply chains and distribution networks that no deal Brexit would cause.

San Antonio Current - 2019/2/21: Is Texas Wine Any Good Yet? Millennials Could Help the Push

Yakima Herald - 2019/2/20: Wine Scene: Pruning grapevines is part science, part art

North Bay Business Journal - 2019/2/20: California Wine Country hotel occupancies dip in January

How Artificial Intelligence Is Used To Make Beer

Motley Fool - 2019/1/16: Constellation Brands Has a Wine Problem and a Weed Problem

It didn't take the company long to realize it was overvaluing its investment in Canopy Growth.

Fierce Health Care - 2019/1/8: Marijuana legalization leaves doctors wondering 'What do we tell our patients?'

Learn to Homebrew Day: November 3, 2018

On the first Saturday in November, thousands of people will gather at Learn to Homebrew Day sites worldwide to brew beer and and learn about the hobby of homebrewing.

Decanter - 2018/10/15: 1945 Romanée Conti sets new record at wine auction

The world record for the most expensive bottle of wine sold at auction was smashed twice on Saturday when two bottles of 1945 Romanée Conti fetched US$558,000 and US$496,000 respectively.

Woman looks shocked that light drinking might shorten your lifespan. - 2018/10/6: That Daily Glass Of Wine May Lead To An Earlier Death, Study Finds - 2018/10/1: California winery blames 'smoke taint' from wildfires in canceling Rogue Valley grape contracts

Wine Enthusiast - 2018/9/27: Craft Distilleries Growth Continues

With nearly 7.2 million cases sold, sales growth outpaces the number of new craft distilleries opening according to the ASCA.

Forbes- 2018/9/27: Coca-Cola Dipping Into the Cannabis Infused Drink Market

Seven Fifty Daily - 2018/9/25: The Science Behind Decanting Wine

Evaporation and oxidation are the main forces at play, but what's really happening to the wine?

Telegraph UK - 2018/8/4: French wine scientists create 'supergrapes' that do not require pesticides

Wine Industry Advisor - 2018/7/31: Standing Out in the Rapidly Growing Canned Wine Segment

Klamathon Fire in southern Oregon 45 percent contained, County Fire in Yolo County and east of Lake Berryessa in Napa County 80 percent contained

NYT - 2018/7/5: American Rosés Without Clichés

Cynical producers have flooded the market with bad rosés to meet fad demand, but the wine panel found some excellent American bottles.

On the rocks - 2018/7/5: The Science of Ice in Cocktails

Bartenders weigh in on shape, size, cut, and clarity—and how to choose the right ice


Over 3,200 homebrewers and beer enthusiasts gathered at the 40th Annual Homebrew Con presented by the American Homebrewers Association® (AHA) this weekend at the Oregon Convention Center, where they attended seminars, bonded over brews and had their beers judged in the world's largest beer competition.


Wine Spectator- 2018/6/27: E. & J. Gallo Buys Star Winemaker Dave Phinney's Locations Wine Brand

Two years after acquiring Orin Swift Cellars, E. & J. Gallo announced today that it has purchased another of star winemaker Dave Phinney's brands, Locations.

Wine Industry Advisor -2018/6/22: What Do Women Want?: When Women Judge Wine for Women

Food & Wine - 2018/6/19: Soccer Fans Are Draining Moscow's Beer Supply Dry

"In Russian 'we say to the bottom!'" I like that these guys are embracing our culture."

Wine Searcher - 2018/6/18: The Devil Seeks Forgiveness from Merlot

The man who single-handedly slaughtered the great grape's reputation fronts up to growers and says sorry.

Abilene Public Radio KACU - 2018/6/15: Texas' Wine Boom: Record Harvest Forcast Again This Year

2018, could be another banner year for Texas' $13 billion a year wine industry. Producers are optimistic that Texas vineyards will out-produce last year's record 1.8 million cases of wine.

Brewers Association - 2018/6/15: Upcoming Tariffs Against Chinese Products No Longer Include Brewing Equipment





The Drinks Business - 2018/6/15: Milestone Beverages aims to "bring sexiness back to Chianti"

Wine Industry Advisor - 2018/6/14: Chris Indelicato of Delicato Family Vineyards Elected Wine Institute Chairman 2018‑2019

Atlas Obscura - 2018/6/14: How Georgia's Winemakers Went Underground to Survive Soviet Occupation

The world's most ancient winemaking culture almost disappeared.

Photo of hops for making beer


Rol Roger was served at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


"Champagne Pol Roger is delighted that the Pol Roger Brut Reserve Non Vintage was served at the reception at Windsor Castle following the wedding of His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales to Ms. Meghan Markle on 19th May 2018."

Decanter - 2018/5/19: Royal Wedding wine: Pol Roger Champagne served

CNBC - 2018/5/18: 5 champagne [Sic] brands the royals buy that you can afford too (with bottles under $50)

Forbes - 2018/5/14: Royal Wedding: What Drinks Will Meghan And Harry Serve?

Food & Wine - 2018/3/15: Celebrate the Royal Wedding with One of These 9 Royally-Approved Champagnes

Daily Mail - 2018/1/11: Is this the £13 wine Harry and Meghan will serve at their wedding? Couple rumoured to have picked same KENT vineyard chosen by William and Kate in bid to showcase the best of British

Altas Obscura - 2018/5/23: Unearthing Portugal's Wine of the Dead, a Relic From the Napoleonic Wars

The invasions led to an unexpected discovery.

WAMU - 2018/5/18: California Winemakers Nervous About U.S.‑China Trade Talks

Seven Fifty - 2018/5/17: Meet the Beverage-Sourcing Mastermind for MGM Resorts International

Gwen Chappell discusses strategies for buying spirits and beer on a massive scale

Wine Industry Advisor - 2018/5/14: Curious Wine Spots You Must Explore in Cape Town, South Africa

Gamay could be Oregon wine's next great grape

Wine sellers charge "gangster tactics" by Liquor Commission over shipping sales

National Geographic - 2018/5/4: Earliest Known Winery Found In Armenian Cave

Big Brew for National Homebrew Day - May 5

Robots Among the Vines

Producers and growers are using technology to combat labor shortages in the vineyards.

NZ wine exports to US grow as global prices rise

The Tennessee Tribute - 2018/4/28: An International Celebration of Black Female Wine Makers

BT - 2018/4/27: How robotic lasers are being used to protect wine crops from birds in California

The solar-powered devices have been installed on a 21-acre vineyard.

What's the Big Deal About Barbaresco?

This sadly ignored wine is slowly moving out from under Barolo's imposing shadow.

Foodable - 2018/4/27: This Company is Marketing to Millennials by Offering Exclusive Wine Tasting Experiences

San Francisco Cronical - 2018/4/27: Exclusive: Esther Mobley reviews Ayesha Curry's new wine, Domaine Curry

Growing Produce - 2018/4/26: 5 Things to do Before Entering the H-2A Program

North Bay Business Journal - 2018/4/24: Napa County winegrape value hits record $750M with big cabernet sauvignon jump - 2018/4/24: Cabernet Franc Is on the Rise in Argentina

The variety is hotly tipped as the country's next star, but how far will it go?


Since its inception in 1996 by Veronafiere, the prestigious International Award has been presented to companies and outstanding personalities who are distinguished for their work in the international wine world. While Gallo of Sonoma has received the Premio Gran Vinitaly Award three times (1998, 2001, and 2002), this is the first time E. & J. Gallo Winery has received the International Award.

Brewers Association - 2018/4/3: American Craft Beer Exports Surpass $125 Million

Small and Independent American Brewers Increase International Demand and Distribution

Wine Industry Advisor: Trentodoc, Italy's Highest Altitude Sparkling Wine, Announces New Communications Activities in the U.S.

Chicago Tribune - 2018/4/3: Women, especially millennials, are driving wine trends

Forbes - 2018/4/2: How The Wind Is Making The Petaluma Gap California's Newest Wine Region

Blooberg - 2018/3/31: Bordeaux '17 Is Chance to Win Customer Base Back, Delaney Says

Wine Searcher - 2018/3/31: Searching for Chocolate in Wine

To mark the secular aspect of Easter, Tom Jarvis picks six broad red wine options for chocoholics.

Richmond News - 2018/3/29: Alberta wine ban leads to boom for B.C. wineries

Reuters - 3/28/2018: France uncorks university diploma for wine‑lovers

Brettanomyces can affect wine and beer with off flavors, but some cultivate

Brettanomyces: Science & Context

Modesto Bee - 2018/3/26: The world's first coffee-infused wine comes out of Modesto, and we tried it

A freighter full of wine, headed for the US shores - 2018/4/1: Lodi wines finding new market in China

North Bay Business Journal - 2018/3/30: Napa, Sonoma wines caught in US–China trade tiff, but opportunity rises



U.S. wine exports to China rise 10 pct in 2017

Bottle of Champagne, refreshing Champagne bottle

Champagne Exports Hit Record Heights

The world just can't get enough of France's famous bubbles.

Wine Spectator: What Does Wine Do to Your Teeth?

You don't need to fear a wine-stained smile, if you follow a few simple rules, and wine can even fight cavity-inducing bacteria

Politico: Lethal labels: Alcohol makers fight to avoid the tobacco taboo

Booze carries none of the gory images and dire cancer warnings found on cigarette packets.

beer kegs in Belfast


Canned wine is becomming popular, especailly in the summer months. Quality wine in cans.

Pittsburgh City Paper - 2018/3/21: A new trend finds wine increasingly available in cans

Forbes 3/21/2018: Declining Beer Sales Lead To Anti-Wine Ads

Wine Spectator: Tablas Creek Cofounder and Paso Robles Pioneer Robert Haas Dies at 90

Haas helped put wines made from Rhône grapes on the American map, first as an importer, then as a vintner

Wine Spectator: Nicolaus Hahn, Founder of Hahn Family Wines, Dies at 81

The international businessman and Santa Lucia Highlands vintner helped put his California wine region on the map

Languedoc-Roussillon has come into its own. Time to explore France's newest wine region!

Wine Companion: The evolution of the Languedoc wine region

Decanter - 2018/3/16: Understanding Barbera d'Asti vineyards

Why Some Bars Are Crafting Their Own Bitters

Bartenders around the country discuss how house-made bitters can enhance a cocktail program

Bubbles, With Joy: Pétillant Naturel's Triumphant Return 2018/3/8: California wine industry eyes growth in China - 2018/3/2: Discovery shows wine grapes gasping for breath

National Policy Digest - 2018/2/18: RARECAT Pro Emphasizes Wine as a Global Business Tool

Wine Enthusiast - 2018/2/15: How You Can Spot Fake Wines

Looking to acquire legendary bottles? The world's foremost expert on detecting fake wines

New Australian tourism campaign to help attract international visitors to wine regions

Barefoot Wines is part of Constellation Brands portfolio
Bill Newlands is Named New President and COO of Constellation Brands. The new president and COO has over 30 years of experience in the industry and has been with Constellation Brands since 2015.

Barefoot Remains Top Brand; Wine Sales Rise 3% Josh Cellars grows fastest of Top 20 wine brands; Black Box and Bota Box also excel

The Guardian - 2018/2/14: Canopy Growth pushing forward on pot-infused drinks with Constellation Brands

Wine Spectator 2018/2/14: From Wine to Chocolate, With Love Learn how to better taste and pair for Valentine's Day

Wine Australia 2018/2/9: Yeast research discovers some sensitivities

Expect a Rise in Wine Sales and Prices in 2018

Scientists Discover Why People Can Become Aggressive When Drinking Alcohol

Fabien Moreau talks in detail about the 2016 vintage in Chablis

We took a scientific look at whether weed or alcohol is worse for you - and there appears to be a winner

China is an emerging wine market. China outpaces all consummer wine markets in the world!

The Straits Times - China to displace Britain as world's second-largest wine consumer by 2021

Concord Monitor - 2018/2/7: N.H. lawmakers mull who should be allowed to ship wine directly to consumers


How interrupting fermentation enables winemakers to create semi‑sparkling wines

Wine Enthusiast - 2018/2/6: Is the 2015 Bordeaux Vintage Finding U.S. Takers?
Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux recently completed a seven-city tour showcasing the 2015 vintage but it’s unclear whether or not that lead to sales.

Bloomberg - 2018/1/26: Winemakers Turn to MIT to Save Pinot Noir in Warming Temperatures
Biochemical engineer Jean-Francois Hamel has discovered the secrets to how natural yeasts affect flavors and alcohol levels in wine-and why they can help combat the potential effects of climate change.

Napa Valley Register - 2018/1/16: Marijuana advocates say Napa County has ways to go toward solid business climate

Wine Industry Network - 2018/1/10: Predictions for Wine & Weed; Good Neighbors or Not?

Will cannabis inflict more change at Constellation Brands? - Analysis Constellation third quarter sales miss, no hit from legalized pot

Wine and beer maker Constellation Brands to acquire 9.9% stake in marijuana company Canopy Growth for $245 million

San Luis Obispo Tribune: They planned to visit Napa - but fires have wine tourists heading to Paso instead

How Customs Broker Roberto Gallegos Moves Liquor Shipments Across the Border

It's no small feat to manage the passage of alcohol from Mexico into the U.S.

Gallo - 2017/12/5: E. & J. GALLO WINERY HONORED AS ONE OF THE BEST PLACES TO WORK IN 2018 - 2017/11/9: What to Drink Now: Cabernet Franc

Lebanon: The Greatest Food And Wine Country You've Never Visited (Part 1)
Lebanon: The Greatest Food And Wine Country You've Never Visited (Part 2)

Wine, Etc.: After deadly fires, California wine country faces new challenges

Like Other Goods, Wine Should Move Freely In Interstate Commerce -- But It Doesn't

Millennials love wine so much the industry is changing how it's made

Oregon Wine Press - 2017/11/1: Wine Country and Cannabis Intersection of trades inevitable in Southern Oregon

Wine Spectator: Amazon Halts Online Wine Sales
Regulatory complications connected to the tech giant's recent acquisition of Whole Foods led them to quit online wine retail

2017/10/31: Acumen Wines Bolsters Sales Team with Two New Hires

Renowned Winemaker Seth Kunin Passes Away - Kunin's Sudden Death Leaves Santa Barbara Wine Country Grieving

RevelStroke Review: B.C. wine industry rallying for a fight

Forbes - 10/27/2017: Millennials Are Blamed For Falling Beer Sales In The U.S.

Palate Press - 201/10/26 - Asti Secco is Italy's New Dry Sparkling Wine

Captial Press: Big welcome: California winery arrives in Oregon - Jackson Family Wines

Jeb Dunnuck - 10/25/2017: Cayuse Opts to Not Release Majority of 2015s Due to Faulty orks

NYT - 10/20/2017: Wildfires Spared the Vineyards, but the Wines Could Suffer

CNBC: Napa Valley wine appears to have been spared the worst of fire damage in Northern California, according to the Napa Valley Vintners.

Wine Industry Advisor 2017-10-16: Napa Growers Employ Best Practices for Working in Smoky Conditions

Firefight in Sonoma County reaches second week as flames force thousands to evacuate

In a smoldering California winery, a boiling river of red wine merges

Wine Spectator: Massive California Wine-Country Fires Worsen, Sending More Residents Fleeing Calistoga and Geyserville are evacuated

California fires produced as much pollution in 2 days as all the state's cars do in a year

CBS: Goat-Herding Dog Refused To Abandon Flock Amid Firestorm, Miraculously Survived

People: 100-Year-Old World War II Veteran and His Wife of 75 Years Die Together in California Wildfire




CBrands: Corona Extra® Named a Best Global Brand in InterBrand's 2017 Annual Report

NZ Wine: Women in Wine NZ launch event sold out

Negociant Australia: Bleasdale Vineyards Winemaker named James Halliday's Winemaker of the Year for 2018 2017/8/3 : Meet Black Chardonnay - A nearly forgotten technique for exceptional wines has some producers going back to black

Crush Fine Wines: Segura Viudas joins the Crush family
Farm Progress 2019/6/27: Wine groups tout bipartisan tax relief bill Legislation in Congress would make permanent reforms passed in 2017.

The bill would make permanent the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act's excise tax reduction on breweries, wineries and distilled spirits producers, according to a news release from U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa. Kelly cosponsors the legislation with Rep. Ron Kind, D-Wis., and similar legislation is carried by U.S. Sens. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Roy Blunt, R-Mo.

PRNewswire - 2019/5/2: Wines of Alsace Rocks a New Identity

Blending boldness and simplicity, France's Alsace wine region has revealed its new global identity with a striking "VA" logo, an abbreviation of Vins Alsace. Known as Wines of Alsace in the USA, the region's new identity was commissioned by the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins d'Alsace (CIVA), the trade body responsible for the regulation, protection and promotion of the region's vineyards, growers, producers and wines. - 2019/4/18 - Canopy Growth Announces Plan to Acquire Leading U.S. Multi-State Cannabis Operator, Acreage Holdings

MJ Business Daily 2019/4/10 - Attorney General Barr: US law protecting state-legal marijuana trumps current situation

Barr signaled at a Senate appropriations hearing Wednesday that he is open to the approach outlined in legislation such as the States Act. Barr has circulated the legislation to the Department of Justice for review and comment.

Wine Enthusiast - 2019/4/3: Top Tools for Wine at Home

MJ Business Daily - 2019/3/27: Cannabis banking bill advances in committee; full US House vote expected within weeks

A key U.S. House committee voted resoundingly Thursday to provide federal protection for financial institutions that serve state-authorized marijuana and ancillary businesses, a landmark development for cannabis banking legislation.

Marijuana buds - Sour Diesel

Motley Fool - 2019/3/26: 10 Things You'll Want to Know About Europe's Fast-Growing Marijuana Market

A new report reveals why marijuana investors really need to be paying attention to what's going on in Europe.

Marijuana Business Daily - 2019/3/21: Canadian firm DionyMed to acquire L.A. cannabis campus, other assets for $19 million

Toronto-based DionyMed Brands, a multistate cannabis brands operator, said it will acquire the 1.8-acre Los Angeles campus of MM Esperanza 2, also known as MMAC, for $19 million.

Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister of Israel

Marijuana Business Daily - 2019/3/15: Israel's prime minister contemplates adult-use marijuana legalization

Three weeks before the country goes to the polls, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would weigh legalizing cannabis if his party wins another term, The Jerusalem Post reported.

It's snowing in California vineyards, and winemakers are loving it

San Francisco Chronicle 2019/3/14: If it's raining in Napa and Sonoma Wine Country, it must be snowing in the Sierra foothills' high-elevation vineyards.

Marijuana Business Daily - 2019/3/20: Marijuana growers find alternative to cloning – tissue culture

Marijuana growers historically have turned to cloning to propagate plant inventory and perpetuate plant genetics. Read the whole PDF article here. - 2019/2/21: Constellation Brands to Discontinue 40% of Wine & Spirits Portfolio

The company is expected to eliminate a majority of brands that sell for less than $11.

Crljenak Kaštelanski, Pribidrag, and possibly Zierfandler - 2019/2/4: Discovering the Origin of Zinfandel

The pursuit of ancient vine material provides an avenue for cultural and technological exchange in wine-from Croatia to California. Crljenak Kaštelanski, Pribidrag, Tribidrag, and possibly Zierfandler.

Marijuana Business Daily - 2019/2/2: MJBizDaily launches content for high-level cannabis investors

New Mexico vineyard - 2019/1/31: Snapshot of New Mexico

Visualized: Average Grape Pricing by U.S. Appellation

Grape harvest in Southern Moravia, Czech Republic - 2018/12/4: US$10m government grape purchase

Temporary relief for California table grape growers ahead of trade negotiations between the US and China

Westword - 12/12/4: Over 10,000 Marijuana Convictions Qualify for Expungement Under Hancock Order - 2018/11/29: China says yes to Spanish grapes

Spanish table grape sector moves a step closer to securing access to the Chinese market

Forbes - 2018/11/26: The Chilean Wine Revolution Expands

Uncle Billies and Southern Tier mixed cocktail, revolutionizing the canned adult beverage industry.

Making a Better Canned Cocktail

Bartenders, distillers, and importers are among a new wave of producers elevating the RTD category

Colorado Sun - 2018/10/31: Jury finds in favor of Colorado marijuana grow in closely watched federal lawsuit

The marijuana business had been sued for damages under anti-racketeering laws. The case was seen as a major threat to the state's cannabis industry.

Gruner Veltliner is a fantastic pair with seafood and turkey!

10 Bottles That Will Change Your Mind about East Coast Wines

From a Finger Lakes Pinot Noir to a Maryland pét-nat, wine professionals share their top picks - 2018/10/29: Demand for H-2A guest workers continues to soar

Forbes - 2018/10/2: Valle De Guadalupe Is The Napa Valley Of Mexico

In the last few years, California's up-and-coming wine regions have been steadily moving further and further south. First it was Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Valley. Then came the wineries of Malibu, and Temecula, near San Diego. Now, California's must-visit wine region isn't in California at all: it's in Baja California, 90 minutes below the Mexican border, in Valle de Guadalupe.

John Boehner United States Speaker of the House and Brian Mulroney Canadian Prime Minister

Marijuana Business Daily - 2018/10/17: Former Canadian PM Mulroney to join US cannabis company Acreage

Rolling Stone's Guide to Weed in Canada

As of Wednesday, cannabis is legal in Canada. Here's what you need to know about pot across the provinces

Atlas Obscura - 2018/10/11: The ’Wine Archive‘ That Quietly Improves the World's Wine

A collection of more than 7,000 grapevine varieties is a boon to vintners and scientists.

Columbia River Valley Wine Region

The Lens - 2018/10/9: Grape growers expect great harvest

One of France's top wine chateaus embroiled in inquiry into ‘rigged’ St Emilion rankings 2018/10/1: Oklahoma's medical marijuana industry is shaping up to be one of the most unique MMJ markets in the nation, with a large number of players vying for attention.

Just three months after voters approved State Question 788 – a ballot initiative legalizing medical marijuana in Oklahoma – regulators have awarded more than 1,100 business licenses throughout the state. - 2018/9/26: Wine grapes become alternative crop in dry conditions

Cotton is king on the South Plains, but the Texas wine industry is becoming a more desirable alternative as the business continues to grow and succeed in harsh climate conditions.

Grower Champagne Premire Cru Naveau Symphonie 2018/9/24: Tracing the Origin Story of Grower Champagne

Author David White defines the key players and developments that shaped the now-popular category

MJ Biz Daily - 2018/9/17: Coca-Cola eyes CBD 'functional wellness beverages' as soda market cools

The Coca-Cola Co., the world's largest beverage maker, is looking at a line of CBD beverages, the company confirmed Monday. "Along with many others in the beverage industry, we are closely watching the growth of nonpsychoactive CBD as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world," Coca-Cola spokesman Ken Landers said in a statement. 2018/9/13: UK to rely on imports to meet 'unlicensed' medical cannabis demand 2018/9/12: Canada's commercial marijuana insurance market gets big backers

Lloyd's of London and Hub International both announced plans to enter the cannabis industry in Canada. 2018/9/11: France launches committee to evaluate medical cannabis market

Aurora Cannabis to acquire Uruguay-based ICC Labs for CA$290 million 2018/9/10: Under the deal, Aurora would have the capacity to produce cannabis at a lower cost in both Uruguay and Colombia. 2018/9/8: Cannabis legislation in Ontario expected in late September

Last month, the new government reversed the previous provincial government's commitment to opening 40 government-owned retail storefronts in the first year of legalization, which is set to begin Oct. 17.

The Spirits Business - 2018/8/24: Study claims no safe level of alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol is associated to some 2.8 million deaths each year, according to a study that concluded there is no safe level of alcohol use.

Forbes - 2018/8/3: Are US Wine Consumers Lazy? A Hard Look At This, Through The Lens Of Australian Wine


FDA approves first drug comprised of an active ingredient derived from marijuana to treat rare, severe forms of epilepsy

Lagunitas Brewing, CannaCraft collaborate on cannabis-laced sparkling water Hi-Fi Hops

The Outline - 2018/6/25: Wine and weed go to war in Oregon

Pot legalization has pitted a wine farmer against a weed farmer in an ugly, fragrant fight.

CBS - 2018/6/18: Canada legalises recreational cannabis use

Portugal passes medical cannabis law, opens domestic market

Forbes - 2018/6/15: What Italian Wine Grapes Are Doing In Washington

One thousand feet above Washington's Columbia Valley, the highest reaches of dusty Snipes Mountain lie beneath river stones, vineyards staked incongrously in a mix of arid earth and the water-rounded rocks of gemlike beauty and crayon-color variation that winegrowers here call cobblestones.


Storing wine on its side won't prevent corks drying out, and may even accelerate their degeneration, according to Amorim's director of R&D, Dr. Miguel Cabral.

Marijuana Business Daily - 2018/6/13: Canada's ruling party rejects controversial amendments to cannabis bill

Denver Post - 2018/6/11: Colorado marijuana sales nearly flat in April
Cannabis industry's growth continues to slow

Wine Industry Advisor - 2018/6/11 - Cannabis and Wine, Unlikely Bedfellows Fall Under Similar Scrutiny

Vancouver Courier - 2018/6/8: Senate passes Cannabis Act by vote of 56-30 - 2018/6/6: Ohio won't have any medical marijuana on shelves by Sept. deadline

AP - 2018/6/5: Florida judge lifts stay on smokable medical marijuana

Marijuana Business Daily - 2018/6/5: What are the medical marijuana business hurdles in Minnesota?


South China Morning Post - 2018/5/24: For Chinese wine connoisseurs wondering what's in their bottle, it's blockchain to the rescue

Shanghai start-up VeChain aims to help verify the whole supply chain with technology behind bitcoin

Sky News - 2018/5/24: Guinness owner Diageo calls time on Goldschlager in $1bn sell-off The drinks giant's chief executive, Ivan Menezes, has put a portfolio of US-focused spirits brands on the market, Sky News learns.

Marijuana Business Daily - 2018/5/23: Four takeaways as Big Alcohol makes another foray into Canada's cannabis market

Seven Fifty - 2018/5/21: 6 Tips for Scoring an Appointment with a New Account

Seasoned buyers give reps advice on how to win them over

Man is jailed for six months for collecting four bottles of Hitler wine in Austria

Yahoo Finance - 2018/5/19: 5 Marijuana Stocks To Watch In 2018

AP - 2018/5/18: US Attorney: Oregon has major pot overproduction

Santa Barbara Independent - 2018/5/11: Report from Wine & Weed Central Coast
Lots to Fear in Nascent Cannabis Industry, But Hope for Collaborative Future

Big Moon Sky cannabis company takes a page from luxury wine sales

Wealthier People Are Replacing Wine With Cannabis - Healthy consumers are putting down the bottle for bud.

Wine Industry Advisor - 2018/4/26: Green with Envy: Why the Biggest Battleground for the Beverage Industry Will Be in Cannabis

Meininger's Wine Business International - 2018/4/21: The urgent need to embrace new varieties - 2018/4/15: Wine Country burn scars explode with wildflowers:
It's off the charts

San Francisco Examiner - 2018/4/15: The Rarecat and her wines

How Self-Driving Cars Will Change The Wine Industry

Marijuana Business Daily - 2018/4/11: Ex-House Speaker Boehner – a former cannabis opponent – joins MJ firm's board

Tennessean - 2018/4/11: Gov. Bill Haslam says he'll sign legislation allowing Sunday wine sales after Senate passage

The Drinks Business - 2018/4/10: Spain remains world's largest wine exporter

Spain has retained its reign at the top of the wine pyramid for global exports ahead of Italy and France having exported 22.8 million hectolitres of wine last year.

Irrigation robots could help grow wine grapes in California

The lack of water and workers means winemakers could rely on machines.

The Sugar Paradox - One Lump or Two?

San Francisco Chronicle - 2018/4/8: Battle for Napa Valley's future: Proposed curb on vineyards divides county

ABC Radio Australia - 2018/4/7: Tasmanian sparkling wines setting 'global benchmark', running rings around champagnes

An Ode to White Bordeaux

The reds get all the fuss, but the whites deserve your attention

Finger Lakes Dry Rosés as distinctive as Rieslings

California's Cabernet Cult Keeps Growing

California is drowning in Cabernet, as growers swap diversity for big returns.

North Bay Business Journal - 2018/4/4: Search for wine 'smoke taint' solutions intensifies after Northern California wildfires

San Luis Obispo Tribune - 2018/3/29: Does weed pose a threat to wine? SLO event all about the collision of 2 powerful industries

Calveras Enterprise - 2018/3/29: Red blotch grape virus confirmed in Calaveras

The Drinks Business - 2018/4/11*: Fine wine investment: Holding the fort

Quartzy: For the first time in nearly a decade, rich people invested more in art than wine

The Drink Business - 2018/3/23: Fine Wine Investment: Monkey business

Shanklen News Daily - 3/23/2018: Driven By Rosé, French Wine Shipments To The U.S. Rise By Double‑Digits

Meininger International Wine Business - 2018/3/23: How environment changes the taste of wine

Wine Enthusiast: Are Single-Site Wines Better than Regional Blends?

Wine Industry Advisor - 2018/3/21: Historic Garnacha Region, D.O.P. Cariñena, Announces Agenda and VIP Speakers for the First Global Garnacha Summit at Copia Napa

Study: French Grape Seed OPCs Suppress Tumor Formation in Cancer

Dallas Daily News 2018/3/21: Walmarts may be stocking liquor in Texas if ruling holds

Study on health effects of a daily glass of wine under scrutiny — because the liquor industry funded it

Hartford Courant: Here's why pinot noir is the healthiest wine you can drink

1 Wine Dude (1WD) - 3/19/2018: Scores Still Kinda Suck – Now With More Better Science?

2000-year-old wine unearthed in central China

A bottle of 2000-year-old wine has been found in an excavated and sealed bronze vessel in China's Shaanxi Province.

Leading Bordeaux Wine Merchant Accused of Massive Fraud

Prosecutors allege that Grands Vins de Gironde illegally blended at least 68,000 cases of wine; The trial has roiled Bordeaux just before its annual barrel tastings

Massive Côte du Rhône fine-wine fraud uncovered by French police

NYT - 2018/3/17: Federal Agency Courted Alcohol Industry to Fund Study on Benefits of Moderate Drinking

Scientists and National Institute of Health officials waged a concerted campaign to obtain funding from the alcohol industry for research that may enshrine alcohol as a part of a healthy diet.

Long-Shuttered Sonoma Winery is Back in Business

At its peak, Kohler & Frohling had a 400,000-gallon facility in San Francisco (established in 1857) and a tasting room at the Transamerica Pyramid's current location. It was a household name nationwide. Then Prohibition closed its doors.

Wine Searcher - 2018/3/16: Boom Times for Austrian Wine

Rutherford vintner and RARECAT founder Kazan Harris launches 23-city U.S. tour

Sharon Kazan Harris is a Rutherford winemaker and entrepreneur who conducts seminars educating business professionals. She will start her 23-city tour beginning April 3-4 in Denver and end June 4-5 in Houston.

Brewery Association - 2018/3/5: TASTING ROOMS ARE PART OF THE SOLUTION

Troubling Implications of the New Wine Tax Law

The 2018 tax law promised to help the whole wine industry with sweeping tax reductions. When the dust settled, however, it became clear that the careless drafting and hasty enactment of the law took back some of the expected benefits and added some major headaches

Wine Spectator - 2018/2/28:Health Watch: Research Looks at Wine's Benefits for the Heart and Mind

A scientist tests a new, vinous heart-disease treatment; two studies reveal that grape compounds' anti-inflammatory properties can help the brain

Sacremento Bee - 2018/2/28: Napa expert grim about the state and direction of the valley: 'I don’t see any hope'

Wine Searcher - 2018/2/28: Wine Country Rises from the Ashes

The wine industry unites to ensure that worker accommodation doesn't disappear in the aftermath of October's blaze.

SevenFifty 2018/2/16: Understanding the Science Behind Ancient Wine Using hi-tech tools to learn about the winemaking methods of the past

Wine Enthusiast: U.S. Wine Market Grows 2.9% While World Wine Supply Shrinks

Decanter - 2018-1-29: US wineries to sell $3 billion of wine direct in 2018-study

2017 Wine Auction Totals Exceed $371 Million

US Wine Outlook Bullish Despite Bank Warning

Beer, wine, and spirits industries toast passage of GOP tax bill

GOP tax law loophole could offer foreign liquor makers unfair advantage, experts caution

Beer, wine, and spirits industries toast passage of GOP tax bill

2017-12-20: Congress Passes First Wine Excise Tax Reduction in 80 Years Historic Legislation Will Provide Significant Benefits and Reduce the Federal Excise Tax Burden on All Wineries

2017-12-23: Cheers! Cider, craft beer makers get U.S. tax cut in new year

Dec 23 (Reuters) - Makers of craft beer, artisanal spirits, hard cider and mead may lift their glasses a bit higher next year as the result of a little noticed provision in the sweeping tax overhaul the U.S. Congress passed this week.

The legislation includes several benefits that will mean lower excise tax bills for all wineries regardless of size, the Wine Institute said.

Gary Farrell Winery Donates $30,000 to Wine Country Fire Relief Efforts

2017-11-21: Gary Farrell Winery Chardonnay Named #1 Wine by Wine Enthusiast Magazine for 2017

The Gary Farrell Winery 2015 Russian River Selection Chardonnay has just been named the #1 wine of the year by Wine Enthusiast. The first white wine selected number one in the Wine Enthusiast top 100 list in over 10 years.

The DOCa Rioja Control Board Opens 2018 Registration for the Official Rioja Wine Educators Programme


Tornatore is a family-owned winery located in the Sicilian town of Castiglione di Sicilia on the northeastern slopes of Europe's largest and most active volcano, Mt. Etna.

Wine Institute - 2017/11/8: California Wine 2017 Harvest Report

Jersey Bites - 2017/10/27: NJ Wine Industry Sees a Challenging Year Buoyed by Stellar Harvest Conditions - 2017/10/27: Crushing it: Why this year's harvest could put Virginia wine on the national map

Forbes - 2017/10/26: O Canada, Let Me Pour You A Glass of Wine

Mail Tribune - 2018/10/27: Local wineries could see ripple effects from California fires

Decanter - 2017/10/24: Loire 2017 harvest shows mixed fortunes after frost

Popular Science: California's wildfires could make 2017 a very unusual wine vintage

Meininger - 2017/10/28: TEXSOM "Where the somms add up"

KTVU: Winery welfare check: List of wineries damaged by wildfires, and those still standing

Forbes: Napa Wildfires Update - Hoarse Voices And Cautiously Good News

Vacaville Reporter: Six more wineries destroyed by Wine Country fires, bringing total to 16 2017-10-13: E. & J. GALLO WINERY WILL CONTRIBUTE $1 MILLION TO FIRE RECOVERY EFFORT AND WILL MATCH EMPLOYEE DONATIONS TWO-FOR-ONE

Donation will be divided among the American Red Cross California Wildfires Relief Fund, the Community Foundation of Sonoma and the Napa Valley Community Foundation.

Yahoo: Forty dead, neighborhoods burned to ash in California fires

Vallejo Times Hearld: PG&E linked to Wine County Fires

USA Today 2017/10/13: Weekend gusts threaten new fires; crews battling more than 20 blazes in northern California 2017/10/12: Bear Republic Fundraising for Sonoma County Fire Victims

Rueters: California vintner for takes refuge in winery after flames engulf home

Fortune: Sonoma and Napa Wineries Damaged by California Wildfires: Updated List

Wine Industry Advisors 2017/10/11: Paso Robles Wine Country Rallies to Help Victims of North Coast Fires

Wine Spectator: Calistoga and Geyserville are evacuated as flames spread and dangerous winds are forecast; now at least 23 dead and eight wineries destroyed


Chateau Ste. Michelle, Washington's Founding Winery, Releases History Book Chronicling Its 50-Year Contribution to the Wine Industry

NZ Wines: Sweet success for New Zealand wine

Folio Wine: Ornellaia Partners with Sotheby's to Launch Long- Awaited 'Archivio Storico' Project

CBrands: Craft Brewer Funky Buddha Joins Constellation Brands

Palm Bay International welcomes Champagne Boizel to portfolio

Precept Wine: P.F. Chang's and Browne Family Vineyards Introduce Washington Wines Designed to Pair with P.F. Chang's Made-from-Scratch Menu

Food & Wine - 2019/5/8: A new study demonstrates how Cabernet Sauvignon's larger tannin molecules led to a drier wine

Tannins emphasize a wine's dryness by tingling the side of your mouth or leaving an almost rough feeling on your tongue, a sensation known as astringency. Though the phenomenon is well-known, a new study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry delved deeper into some of the specific physical mechanisms of what makes certain red wines drier than others - and though we may often call tannins "big," the research points out that drier reds can contain tannins that are literally larger.

North Bay Business Journal - 2019/5/8: California to ban pesticide it says hurts babies' brains

Northbay Business - 2019/4/10: Why more California rain could mean bigger problems for your wine, vineyard business

More rain means . . . more fires? It seems counterintuitive, but that's the possibility the California wine industry is facing. The rains that seemed like a welcome relief from drought might hit the state twofold: first with flooding then with fire.\

Times Call - 2019/4/3: Lafayette's Post Brewing drops Hickenlooper-themed beer after threat of boycott from anti-fracking group

Flooding in Sonoma County is going affect the 2019 vintage - 2019/3/19: How the Flooding Affected Sonoma's 2019 Vintage

Northern California wineries and vineyards continue to clean up and dry out from the unusually heavy rainfall that hit in late February and caused some of the areas' worst floods in 20 years.

Robots in the vineyard, is artificial intelligence taking over the wine grape growing industry?

Wine Searcher - 2019/3/15: Invasion of the Vineyard Robots

Rebuilding efforts start after Russian River floods

Wineries and local businesses have started recovery efforts after the recent flooding in parts of Sonoma.

Whisky, Bourbon, Rye, Scotch, are all candidate for investment. - 2019/2/21: Is Whisky Investment Rivalling The Wine Industry?

Maxim - 2019/2/20: THE MILLENNIAL-DRIVEN BEER SLUMP IS ABOUT TO GET WORSE, BECAUSE GENERATION Z ALSO PREFERS BOOZEF - 2019/2/19:Oregon Wine History Archive debuts new projects

Shaken News Daily - 2019/2/12: Southern Glazer's Eyes Growth In Canada's Cannabis Market

LizThaCHMW - 2019/2/3: The US Wine Industry in 2019 – Slowing but Steady, and Craving Innovation

After 24 years of continuous growth in wine consumption the US market slowed to only 1.2% in volume in 2018 (bw166). Despite this flattening of volume growth, dollar value still grew at a 3.7% suggesting that, though Americans may be drinking less, they desire higher quality wine and are spending more per bottle.

Sotheby's wine and spirits sales have broken through the $100 million barrier for the first time in a single year, driven by a world record auction price and the seemingly inexorable rise of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti.

pétillant-naturel, frizzante, frizante, Moscato

Wine Searcher - 2019/2/2: For consumers craving a simpler time, pétillant-naturel offers a fun alternative to heavyweight Champagne.

In the world of sparkling wine, not all that shimmers is Champagne. When it comes to getting bubbles in the bottle, many producers today are looking past the popular méthode champenoise and charmat (tank) methods and returning to sparkling wine production's roots: the méthode ancestrale.

Wine Searcher - 2019/1/31: Wine and Sex Off the Millennial Menu

Marijuana Business Daily - 2019/1/30: Weekly Deal Watch: Sizes of cannabis capital raises climb, though frequency lags

Marijuana Business Daily - 2019/1/30: Virginia CBD program chided as multistate medical cannabis firms gain edge


Marijuana Business Daily - 2019/1/18: CIBC compares cannabis to gold rush, predicts 'beginning of global seismic shift'

Wine Industry Advisor - 2019/1/16: Cognac Shipments Are Up Again in 2018

Black and white photo of Orange County Sheriffs dumping booze.

The Drinks Business - 2019/1/16: ON THIS DAY 1919…PROHIBITION IS RATIFIED

Press Democrat - 2019/1/16: North Coast vintners watch pivotal Supreme Court case over interstate wine sales

Now that cheap chardonnay is everywhere, some French winemakers attempt a reinvention

Mexican Congress - 2018/11/20: Smooth ride expected for Mexico's cannabis legislation, experts say

Mexico's move to legalize medical and recreational marijuana could create a market "at least three times larger" than Colombia's, according to industry executives and analysts, who do not expect the proposed law to see significant resistance from lawmakers.

Oregon Live - 2018/11/19: Feds shut down controversial Elouan wine labels

California winery Copper Cane has been ordered by the federal government to change the labels on its Elouan wines, which are made in California but labeled as Oregon wines and sold as such by&nretailers.

Forbes - 2018/11/19: 2018 U.S. Wine Sales Are Up, Especially Red Wine Shipped Direct

In its 2018 Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Report, Wines Vines Analytics/ShipCompliant bears witness to growth in the DtC market but with a special emphasis: red wines priced at $100‑plus a bottle account for the largest share of red wine shipments, valued at $175 million over the twelve month period ending October 2018. In second place, at $128 million, are red blends that sell between $30‑$59.99/bottle. - 2018/11/16: Wine Spectator Top 10 Does Not Represent the American Drinker

The wines are not representative of the drinking populations consumption habits. We know, and data shows, that the average bottle of wine purchased in America is right around $11.49. The range is actually $10 to $14.99 that occupies the mass selling segment from retail to consumer. But looking at this year's top 10, the number one wine is a staggering $245 a bottle

Food Navigator - 16-Nov-2018 By Niamh Michail: Help or Hype: Should food manufacturers invest in Blockchain?

Blockchain has been heralded as a way to combat food fraud and provide farm-to-fork traceability - and some big players are investing. But is it worth the investment?

Willamette Valley Vineyard Doug Kerr 2018/9/25: 4 New Willamette Valley Sub-AVAs on the Horizon

Oregon's largest wine region is set to be divided into areas of distinctive microclimates and soil types

wine bottle screw cap, Stelvin closure is more secure than cork

Wine Industry Advisor - 2018/9/27: Oxygen Transfer Rates: Small Amounts Can Mean Big Differences to Wine Sensory Profiles

Gone are the days when screw caps and synthetic cork wine closures automatically translated to inferior wine.

Virginia is for wine lovers - 2018/9/25: Vineyard acreage is expanding to keep up with state's wine industry, now valued at $1.37 billion. - 2018/8/20: How long should we cellar our wines?

Telegraph Uk 2018/8/19: Dordogne wine growers install bat roosts in bid to coax them to act as 'natural pesticide'

Nuclear Power Cooling Towers

Technology Review - 2018/7/19: Fukushima's nuclear signature found in California wine

Wine grapes are replacing cotton as a crop in West Texas. - 2018/7/17: Why Cotton Farms in West Texas Are Becoming Vineyards

Dry growing conditions and better revenue potential are among the reasons farmers are making the switch

San Francisco Chronical - 2018/7/16: Signorello Estate rises from the ashes of Wine Country fires to open new tasting room

Des Moine Register - 2018/7/16: This mobile wine bar is now open for business in an antique Volkswagen bus - 2018/7/10: The Emergence of Non-Vinifera Wines
A pioneering group of American winemakers are demonstrating the potential of hybrids

How the Pennsylvania Wine Industry Is Rising to the Top 2018/7/5: Can TCA develop after bottling, and how does storage affect this?
Geoff Taylor explains . . . 2018/6/29: French financial police have seized 10 wineries in the Bordeaux area which are owned by Chinese conglomerate Haichang over suspicions of tax fraud, a police source told AFP on Friday.

Napa Valley Register - 2018/6/26: J‘Noon: Boisset brings the wines of India to wine country

Atlas Obscura - 2018/6/19: When Runners Drank Champagne as an Energy Drink

At the 1908 Marathon in London, athletes hit the bottle mid-race.

The Drinks Business - 2018/6/19: Burgundy exports to Japan could return to peak level in 2018

Exports of Burgundy to Japan, the third biggest export market for the French wine region, could return to peak levels as the new Japan-EU free exchange agreement comes into effect this year, the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) has predicted.

Neat Pour - 2018/6/11: All The Questions From The Master of Wine Test

Walmart Rivals Trader Joe's With New Line of Cheap Wines

French bottles include a sparkling rosé, a grenache from the banks of the Rhône River, a grenache rosé from western Languedoc, a syrah from the country's Mediterranean coast, and a cabernet franc from the Black Mountains.

ARS Technica - 2018/6/9: Anheuser-Busch pulls millions from controversial NIH alcohol study

Questions about the study could "undermine its lasting credibility," company said.

Why Aging Wine in Neutral Vessels is on the Rise in Argentina and Chile

A new generation of winemakers in Argentina and Chile are phasing out new oak and using concrete tanks, plastic bins and other neutral vessels to produce wine that's pure in flavor.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine - 2018/5/31: Storms Ravage Bordeaux, Cognac and Champagne in France, and Portugal's Douro Region


Champagne has been hit by another bout of bad weather with hailstorms reported to have damaged nearly 2,000 hectares of vines - with 3% of vineyards in the Champagne AOC completely destroyed.

Nearly 8,400 acres of Bordeaux vineyards lost 80% of its vines, and washed out roads in Portugal are preventing Port producers from assessing destruction.


A torrential downpour which saw more than a month's worth of rain and hail fall in a few hours has struck Pinhão in the Douro Valley causing severe damage to vineyards and local infrastructure.

The Local - 2018/5/22: Is France really heading for a rosé wine shortage this summer?

Vitisphere - 2018/5/15: Loire wines reap rewards of extensive PR and marketing thrusts

WVRO Public Media - 2018/5/14: Cuomo, other politicians join opposition to Finger Lakes trash incinerator

Wine & Spirits Magazine - 2018/5/9: Black & White, Oregon Red from the People Who Farm Burgundy

Forbes - 2018/5/4: The Experts Say Wine Marketing Should Focus On Generation X

Brewers Association - 2018/5/3: 2018 WORLD BEER CUP® WINNERS ANNOUNCED

8,234 entries from 66 countries compete at the "Olympics Beer"

Corey Beck reflects after being named CEO for Francis Ford Coppola Winery

American Council on Science and Health 2018-5-3: New Study Refutes The 'Wine Will Kill You' Nonsense

Gallo Acquires Rancho Real Vineyard

An affiliate of E. & J. Gallo Winery (Gallo) announced today it has purchased Rancho Real Vineyard in the Santa Maria Valley appellation of Santa Barbara County.

SW Idaho vineyards looking good after hot‑and‑cold start

Exploring the Diverse Range of New Gins

Distillers discuss their growing portfolios—and their motivations for producing multiple styles

North Texas E-News - 2018/4/27: Viticulture experts: Grape expectations ripe for 2018

Wineries submit proposal to put "Naramata Bench" on the wine label


Haaretz - 2018/4/26: For Israeli Wine Makers, Sometimes Innovation Means Rediscovering the Past

Myth-busting the taste of Arizona wine

If you think Arizona wine doesn't compare to wine made in Sonoma or Napa Valley, you're right. Arizona wine doesn't compare, but not for the reasons you may think.

AZ Big Media: Arizona wineries look for continued growth

Malbec Grape Constitutes 62% of Argentina's Wine Exports

South China Morning Post - 2018/4/15: Wine from French oak or American oak - what a difference a barrel can make

More than just containers for fermenting or ageing, the right barrel can add depth and character to a wine

Telegraph UK - 2018/4/14: French court rejects plea from luxury wine label to stop cheap blends being sold under 'Petrus' name

Wine Searcher - 2018/4/14: Pay-to-Play Schemes Keep TTB Busy

How to stay out of trouble in the US wine sales business.

Halliday: Welcome to Margaret River

Australia's home of fine wine and one of the most isolated wine regions in the  world.

Own Rooted vs. Grafted Vines: Which Make Better Wines?

Two winemakers working with century-old vineyards share their thoughts

California Cabernet Too Hot to Handle

It's slowly dawning on winemakers that certain popular grape varieties are not best suited to the Californian climate.

The Daily Meal - 2018/4/4: Italian Prisoners Are Making One of Their Country's Most Unusual Wines

The famous Tuscan producer Frescobaldi is helping rehabilitate men through vermentino and sangiovese

Coahuila, Mexico: The best wine country you don't know about

Strategy to manage invasive pest detected in Va.

Spotted Lanternfly feeds on more than 70 plant species, including grapes, stone fruits, hops

Lancaster Farming: Lanternfly Research to Aid Grape Growers

Decanter - Common wine &8216;flaws&8217; and wine faults – a guide

Texas alcohol agency reverses judge, preserving state booze industry

Finger Lakes Dry Rosés as distinctive as Rieslings

USA Today: Rosé craze makes its way to cider, beer, vodka

Food Network: These Rosé Drinks Are Here to Make All Your Millennial Pink Dreams Come True - Exploring Rosé Winemaking Techniques
Wine professionals from Provence to Chile discuss the varying production methods for pink wines

Shaken News Daily - 2018/3/29: Constellation's Sales Rise 3% For Fiscal Year, As Meiomi, Mexican Beers Drive Gains

Bordeaux Prosecutors Accuse Margaux Third-Growth of Illegal Chaptalization, but Winery Blames French Bureaucracy

Chàteau Giscours is accused of illegally adding sugar to a vat of 2016 Merlot, but the local syndicate had granted permission

Wine Spectator - 2018/3/29: Will China's Tariffs Hurt American Wine?

U.S. vintners are just beginning to build a foothold in a market where Australia and Chile hold a big advantage

Wine Industry Advisor - 2019/3/29: Wine & Weed Tours: A Legal Way for Wineries to Benefit from the Green Rush

Wine Industry Advisor - 2018/3/29: CK Mondavi Finds Growth Opportunities Without Chasing Trends

Broadway Money Moves Napa Westward

The man behind a musical smash is changing the rules in wine country.

SevenFiftyDaily: Getting to the Root of Terroir: Winemakers discuss how to best reveal site specificity James Suckling releases Alto documentary

American wine critic James Suckling debuted his documentary “The Miracle of Alto Adige” at the Sonoma International Film Festival last week, taking a look at the winemaking from the steep northern Italian vineyards in what is his second wine film following his previous documentary on Cannubi in Piedmont.

Forbes - 2018/3/26: Is The Market Pricing Constellation Brands Fairly?

The Press Democrat - 2018/3/25: Samurai sword once owned by California 'Grape King' found months after Sonoma County wildfires

WSWA-Supported Programs Included in Omnibus Spending Bill

(Washington, D.C.) - An Omnibus bill passed by Congress today includes important trade practice enforcement and anti‑drug‑impaired driving funding supported by the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA).

Legal cannabis could crash the alcohol giants' party, analyst says

2017 research found monthly alcohol sales fell 13 percent in states with medical marijuana

Harpers - 2018/3/16: Bordeaux pulls away from entry level as exports rise

SevenFiftyDaily: Embracing Old Oak Barrels

Some winemakers are using 100-year-old barrels, disproving the premise that they must be discarded after five years


Brewery Association - 2018/3/1: ANNOUNCEMENT PENDING ON ALUMINUM AND STEEL TARIFFS - 2018/2/26: Making the Case for Australian Wine

Your excuses for not carrying Australian wine are outdated--here's why

In Courthouses and State Capitols, Wine Retailers Are Fighting for Direct Shipping

Visit Domaine de la Romanée‑Conti - tasting of the 2016s from cask

Gallo Opens Up in Public; The famously private head of California's biggest family wine company shares some surprising truths.

Wine Spectator - 2018-1-29: Northern California Wine-Country Wildfire Impact Study Shows Signs of Hope 2018-1-25: US Wine Outlook Bullish Despite Bank Warning

Q&A J. Stephen Casscles: Growing and Hybridizing Grapes

Wine Spectator 2018-1-24: Women and Wine: How Alcohol Affects Female Health

Champagne Gives Thanks for a Vintage Crop

SevenFiftyDaily - 2018/1/23: Getting to Know Mexico's New Wine Scene
Propelled by Bichi's popularity, Baja wines are on the radar of U.S.  buyers

Beverage Daily - 2018/1/22: Consumers turning to private label wine more often, thanks to supermarkets

Wine Business - 2018/1/16: A New Perspective on the Vineyard Labor Shortage Situation: The Case of Cain Vineyard

Comstocks - 201/1/15: Infighting In Washington On Track To Harm California's Wine Industry

Wine Curmudgeon - 2018/1/5: 2018 $10 Wine Hall of Fame

The Drinks Business - 201/1/10: 13% price rise for medal-winning wines, says new study

Thief who stole $550,000 in wine from Napa Valley’s French Laundry sentenced to prison

Ex-Porn Star Champagne Court Case a Fizzer

Forbes - 2018/1/9: Why Brunello di Montalcino Is The Wine To Collect In 2018

Food & Wine - 2018/1/8: A Cheap Person's Guide to Fancy French Wine

Napa Vineyards Hold Erosion at Bay Protections in place following fall firestorm effective so far



The Winebow Group's 6th Annual Women in Wine Leadership Symposium Featuring Jancis Robinson and Laura Catena Tackles Topics of Diversity, Inclusion, and Innovation in the Wine Industry

Can You Actually Drink While Pregnant?

UK Independent - 2017/10/31: Drinking Red Wine Among Women Boost Fertility, Study Finds

Forbes: The Best Red Wine You Are Probably Forgetting To Drink

A monster firestorm became unstoppable almost as soon as it started

Wine Industry Advisor 2017/10/18: Napa Valley Winemakers Optimistic as Famed Wine Region Begins to Recover 2017/10/16: Buy Anheuser-Busch InBev? Craft Beer Wants to 'Take Craft Back'

Napa Valley Vintners 2017/10/15: Napa Wildfires Media Update

SONOMA, Calif. (AP) 2017/10/15: California fire authorities said Sunday they have turned a corner in battling several of the wildfires that have devastated wine country and other parts of the state over the past week. 2017/10/13: STONE DISTRIBUTING CO. TO AID CALIFORNIA’S FIRE VICTIMS THROUGH COLLECTIVE INDEPENDENT CRAFT BEER EFFORT

Stone Brewing's distributing division, Stone Distributing Co., will donate a portion of its sales throughout the month of October to benefit those affected by the devastation of the Northern California fires. 2017/10/13: Striking images reveal toll wildfires took on wineries

Wine Industry Advisor 2017/10/11: Mendocino County Redwood Complex Fire Impacts on Vineyards

SFGate: Smoke from Wine Country fires traveled as far as Mexico, over 500 miles south

Wine Enthusiast: Volunteers and donations are needed for those affected by the ongoing wildfires in Northern California. Here's how you can help.

Sacramento Bee: Cabernet sauvignon, petite sirah grapes most threatened by wine country fires

USA Today: How the Napa fires could affect the taste, price of your wine

The Mercury News: Napa and Sonoma wildfires destroy wineries, bars and hotels; many others threatened


Stackla: 5 Top Alcohol Brands Using Authentic Storytelling

TWE Global: Penfolds partners with National Geographic to tell the stories behind each wine September 18, 2017

Robert Mondavi Winery: Genevieve Jassens named one of the Top 10 Female Winemakers in Northern California

The Winebow Group Expands Distribution Network into Rhode Island

Vine Connections: Bushido "Way of the Warrior" Sake Cans Offer Premium Sake On-The-Go


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